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Our meeting would begin with an initial consultation. This would ideally take place in your home, and depending upon the location of the project, we can also offer an initial video conference to establish a dialogue. We will discuss the finer details of your kitchen in terms of style, and functionality. Images of design you might have come across the web can serve as a great inspiration to capture what we aim to create.


From the discussions at the initial consultation Freyja Concepts will draw up a design and provide you with a guide price for your kitchen and/or bathroom. 
We do not ask for any commitment from you up to this stage and will present our ideas usually within 3 weeks.
The designs we have created are yours to keep for a $750 but this is only chargeable if you wish to keep the design and do not proceed with Freyja Concepts.


At this stage we are throwing lots of our time into the creation of your kitchen so we ask for a deposit. We will also carryout a full detailed survey of your space and will get into the detail of your kitchen, to take careful note of your requirements and capturing your spirit as well as the essence of the space to create what makes the most sense for you. We will work on the layout and may present a few options for you to consider, but will always focus on functionality and your general requirement to determine this.
The next stage is to discuss materials and finishes; this is where we really start to get creative and the excitement grows as your kitchen starts to take shape. We will provide you with a variety of samples and examples of finishes, drawer or door fronts to make this important process more informed.
The last stage is to agree which appliances suit you. There is a wide range of choices all depending on your preference in style, quality and budget. We will work towards creating a 3D render of the kitchen so that you may get a better understanding of the final product.
This stage of the design process can take anything from 1-3 months.


When we sign off on the final design, we will create the detailed furniture drawing package and pass these along to manufacturing. Freyja Concepts are happy to manage the plumbing and electrical requirements of your project. However, if you have a main contractor or you have chosen to manage the other trades yourself, Freyja Concepts will also supply you with service drawings.
We generally require 2-3 months to complete the drawing package, manufacture the furniture and install your kitchen depending on the overall projects in queue.

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